Why choose our inventories?

Cleanletts inventories have a 48hrs report turnover. Making it easy to get your deposit back quickly!

Utility meter readings made.

Thorough inspections with photographs.

Appliances tested throughout the property.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors tested.

Key pick up and drop off service.

Flexible hours available.

Unfurnished Property Prices

Bedrooms Inventory Inventory & Check In* Check Out*
Studio £65 £100 £70
1 Bed £85 £120 £80
2 Bed £95 £130 £90
3 Bed £100 £145 £105
4 Bed £120 £155 £125
5 Bed £130 £165 £135

Furnished Properties Prices

Bedrooms Inventory*  Inventory & Check In* Check Out*
Studio £85 £110 £80
1 Bed £95 £125 £90
2 Bed £110 £135 £100
3 Bed £120 £150 £120
4 Bed £135 £165 £135
5 Bed £150 £175 £155


Please note:

*Extra rooms such as en-suite bathrooms, garage, second lounge, garden, conservatory etc within the property are priced at a flat rate of £10.00 per room as each will have a separate entry for inspection in the report.

*Excessive crockery/utensils has a additional cost of £35.00.

Payment Terms: Payment is required once the inventory inspection is complete and reports are ready to release, before the landlord, agent or the tenant receives the report.

Inventory and Check In* is carried out on the day, just before your tenants move in. This will ensure that only one visit will be required thereby saving money as we offer a reduced rate for a combined Inventory and Check In service.

Missed Appointments: If you fail to notify us within 3 hours and miss appointments, we charge £50.00 cancellation fee – this is to cover travel time and cost and also covers the lost revenue from undertaking another job elsewhere.